Saurida wood | Saurida įmonių grupė

Briquettes, pallets, firewood in high quality

  • High quality kiln dried logs are perfect for immediate burning in stoves. The benefits of kiln dried wood are considerable: generates greater heat output, better fuel efficiency, and more economical, minimum stove and flue problems.
  • Firewood is kiln dried and content moisture less than 20 percent which means that all our firewood is safe from decay and fungi damage.
  • Firewood is dried in modern computerized drying chambers. We can control the process in order to get the desired content moisture.
  • Mainly we produce birch firewood which belongs to the first group of wood species according to its calorific value.

Wood sawdust briquettes 100 %

Environmentally friendly briquettes are made from softwood and hardwood 100% ecologically clean sawdust. No addition of chemical additives and binders only high pressure to form them. Heating value higher then logs has no smell, low ash content after burnt. Our Sawdust briquettes are firmly packed so can be easily transported and stored.

Wood sawdust briquettes are perfect for fuel stoves and fireplaces.



Wood pellets are used only clean wood shavings and sawdust. Wood pellets are made from renewable natural resources is clean and completely harmless to the environment and to sustainable biofuels. The production process no glue or any other chemical components.

Benefits of using wood pellets:

  • Cheap heating method: high energy bead influences the value of the low thermal kWh price,
  • Versatility: pellets suitable for use in both households as industrial type boilers,
  • high combustion rate (intense heat)
  • Little Ashes: boiler cleaning rarer than using other fuels,
  • low humidity and high density: efficient and longer burning,
  • Simple to use: automated boilers do not require daily refueling,
  • easy transportation and storage: different packing – “bigbag.


Construction timber is made from coniferous or deciduous trees. In construction often used softwood stands softness, flexibility, also easy using. Hardwood is harder and more often used for decoration.

Structural timber may be kiln dried or just fresh. Construction is mainly used for dried wood, which can keep heavy loads, more stable and more resistant to external factors. Using dried wood less chance that it will shrink or deform. So when choosing a timber it is important to pay attention to what its humidity.

Wood species differ, and many other features, such as: density, hardness, viscosity, durability, flexibility, elasticity, resistance and so on. After consultation with experts, and evaluated the use of the product you select the proper type of wood.



We produce  EURO wood pallets: standart, half and also both side pallets. To ensure our customers needs we can make a pallets acourding to the client needs.


Saurida Wood - only the highest quality biofuel products produced in Lithuania

SAURIDA Wood is a brand name of SAURIDA Group. SAURIDA Company was established in 1997. The Company is engaged in wholesale and retail of petroleum products and liquefied gas trade.

          SAURIDA Wood production is manufactured at our own factory in Biržai. Also, an extra warehouse (40 000 m2), pallet production line and construction timber factories are located in Mažeikiai town which is close to the Baltic Sea (~100 km to Klaipeda or Riga ports).

          SAURIDA Wood is the biggest high quality firewood producer in the Baltic States. Our main products are: kiln dried firewood, other eco-friendly bio fuel packed in various packages, construction timber and various pallets. Professional kiln drying process ensures moisture content <20% and high quality of the firewood or timber in 7-8 days.

We are participating in Hearth & Home Exhibition 2018

Hearth & Home Exhibition 2018 brings together all sectors of the hearth industry, providing an exciting environment that offers trade professionals the opportunity to network and meet each other. Visitors can expect to be wowed by industry leading demonstrations, new innovations and product launches, while exhibitors benefit from a valuable and enthusiastic audience of industry professionals.


Hearth & Home Exhibition 2017

We were invited to take part in the international exhibition Hearth & Home Exhibition 2017 in London, England. During the exhibition, we introduced high-quality biofuel products and construction timber. High quality Lithuanian products have attracted the attention of visitors. THANK YOU for everybody who visited our stand. We will see you in next year 2018